Friday, March 23, 2018



A quote by author Matthew Kelly caught my eye the other day. "We gravitate toward what is manageable, rather than imagining what is possible." 

I'm a really good manager. This move is a perfect example of my logistical skills, and actually that really isn't such a bad thing. However, I think settling for good management, and losing sight of the possibilities makes for a life half lived. 

As you go through your day today try to imagine a possibility or two that would make your life richer. I'll be busy moving and settling in to our new home this weekend which in itself is full of possibilities.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Clutter Confession

Clutter confession.

Well apparently I've been living in the land of denial, and I don't mean Egypt. I've been packing for the last few days, and as my stack of boxes has grown I've come to the conclusion that I must have been kidding myself that I had actually decluttered. 

I suppose as most things it really is quite relative. The amount of stuff found in Buckingham Palace, of course, is much more that what I owned at my last house. However, after getting rid of a myriad of possessions, apparently I didn't get rid of enough. 

Once again through organization, and smoke and mirrors I've given the illusion of fewer possessions in my two bedroom apartment. I kept priding myself on my not so crowded living space, but if truth be known every nook, cranny, dresser drawer, and closet was jam packed. 

I keep thinking about those ever present internet articles assuring us that our Millennial children are not interested in our treasures, so why are we holding on to them? Once again I'm pretty sure I'll be doing another purge once we move into the new house. 

Of course, that will be after my sore back recovers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Little "Purrsonal" Time

A little "purrsonal" time. 

Our cat, Abby, is a cat who knows what she likes; not only what, but more importantly who. She has made it clear that Chuck is her favorite person, and she insists that he makes room for her in his arms, not only in the evening, but at lunch as well. 

Since we have been in the apartment, Chuck has had the luxury of coming home for lunch. I'm actually going to miss this when we move, because the new house is just a little too far from his work to continue doing so. 

Besides me I'm thinking the cat will miss this visit even more. Each day she patiently waits as Chuck eats his lunch. However, when he brings his dishes into the kitchen she proceeds with a laser-like stare as she watches his every move. She then makes her way over to his recliner, and waits for him to sit down. At that moment she jumps up into his lap for a little "purrsonal" time. 

She is literally in "cat heaven" and if given the chance would spend all day in her father's arms. Unfortunately, I don't think Chuck's boss would buy into a cat related excuse for his tardiness. Animals are interesting as they make their preferences known. I'll do in a pinch, but if given a choice Chuck will always be her favorite.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Roughing It

Roughing it. 

Well the countdown has begun, and we will be moving later this week. We had the good fortune of being able to gift our living room furniture to some close friends of our daughter and son-in-law. They came by yesterday, and loaded up a trailer full of furniture. 

I wasn't exactly sure what we would do for living room seating in the interim, and had considered dragging out the card table and chairs. As the furniture was being loaded, and I was out on the patio offering "moral support," it hit me that we could use our patio furniture for the week. 

So here we are all four of us settling into what Chuck likes to refer to as a "minimalistic." The cat seems quite content curled up on a comfy blanket, and like always Cooper is by my side when I'm watching tv or checking my e-mails. 

I've been busy packing using boxes left over from our daughter's move, and have made pretty good progress. We have hired movers to move the heavy furniture, and our son-in-law Will is coming up to assist with the boxes. The good thing, though, is basically everything was culled through last year, and we are only taking the the things we really value into our next home. 

We've ordered some new furniture for the new house, and I feel like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for it to arrive. I'm excited to get moved in and unpacked. In true Cunningham fashion we should be pretty much be settled in in a matter of days; no unopened boxes six months down the road for us. 

We'll spend the rest of the week here "roughing it" on the lawn furniture, and eating our way through the pantry and freezer. More than anything I still can't believe another year has passed by so quickly, and am making a note not to let the next one slip by unnoticed. Our year in the apartment has given me a new perspective on living fully no matter where you call home. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

American Idol

American Idol.

It appears that this year it's a kinder gentler season of American Idol, and I'm liking it. I remember the original Idol was all about Simon and his insults. If you could impress him then you must have been really good. 

I've also noticed this season that they seem to be focusing more on those who actually can sing, rather than those who only think they can. I used to call it the American Idol Syndrome. It was all about the dream, and nothing about the talent. 

The everyone wins a trophy mentality had resulted in a whole generation of young people who thought that all that really mattered was how much you wanted something, not whether you could actually sing or not. 

I'm enjoying watching some extremely talented singers audition this year, and their back stories are always endearing. We all have our unique gifts, but not all are blessed with a beautiful voice. Of course, the kinder gentler American Idol judges are also looking for that it factor; that something that you can't really put your finger on, but you know it when you see it. 

I've always enjoyed a good underdog story, so I'm hoping to see an unsuspecting contestant win this year. Either way I know what I'll be doing for the next few months!

Friday, March 16, 2018



"Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance."
Steven Pressfield

I came across this quote the other day while reading a posting from a fellow blogger. She has been writing and posting a novel over the last several months that is extremely good.  She began writing in November when she took on the challenge of writing a novel in thirty days, and it has evolved into a creative undertaking that she is now wanting to publish 

The quote above is from Steven Pressfield's The War of Art. After reading these words I felt they described kind of where I am right now. I've got so many ideas and plans, and yet I can't seem to make a move. I've been perplexed as to why I've been so unmotivated, and have tried to blame it on the weather, however I think that is just an excuse. 

What I love about having creative friends is the inspiration they bring. My blogging friend is hard at work editing and revising her mystery story getting it ready for publication. I can't help but cheer her on, and feel motivated to push beyond the Resistance myself. 

If you'd like to read her mystery here is the link:

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pyrex Bowl

Pyrex bowl. 

As I was cleaning up the kitchen the other day I realized that I pretty much use the same Pyrex bowl to eat my popcorn out of each day. What I also realized was that the simple green bowl belonged to my mother-in-law before she passed away. Each time it makes its way off the shelf or out of the dishwasher I am reminded of her. 

I like having keepsakes that I can actually use, and be reminded of my loved ones on a regular basis. For over thirty years I have been using my mother's cooking utensils that I inherited after her death. My step-mother was cleaning out my mom's stuff and replacing it with her own, and didn't seem to think a potato masher or slotted spoon was of much value. 

I quickly gathered up as much as I could carry, and have lovingly used the same tools my mother used while I have cooked for my family over the years. I get a kick out of using her potato masher to mash avocados for guacamole as I am almost certain she had never heard of either back in the late seventies. 

Another treasure from my mother-in-law is her library card which is proudly displayed with my thimble collection in a large printer's tray on the wall.  Her love of reading and mine was something we both had in common. Also displayed in that same tray is my mother's bottle of Channel No. 5. Each time I open the bottle I'm transported back to my childhood watching her get ready for a night out with my father. 

I'm looking forward to displaying my grandmother's teacups again when we move into our new home. I've missed seeing them over the last year as they have been carefully packed away. Drinking "a cup of tea" with her was a weekly occurance during my young adult years. 

I know that for some sentiment is not as important as for others, but I enjoy those walks down memory lane courtesy of special possessions. As much as downsizing has been a part of my life lately, I am realizing the value of special objects that remind you of a time or place. 

At my apartment I have a painting of William's Square hanging in my foyer. My father was the first property manager of this impressive building, and it is known for the beautiful Mustang statues that grace its entrance. It is a simple reminder of him when I walk through the door, and the irony is that years later I would be living within sight of it; again another reminder on my father. 

I've always had a love of history, and probably would be considered the family's unofficial historian. I have chronicled my daughter's life from birth to college graduation, and hope that she too sees the value of this with her own children. Once I get settled in the house I plan on organizing my father, and several of his brothers mementos to help keep their memory alive. I suppose writing this blog is another attempt at leaving behind some sort of legacy for my grandchildren. I think it's important to honor those who came before us. 

"Memory eternal."

An Orthodox prayer